Planetary Nebula Messier 97
Messier 97
  • Description: Planetary nebula in Ursa Major, on the left side of the picture. The galaxy on the right is Messier 108. This image is a digital composite of two film images - one colour, one B&W. M97 (NGC3587) is a really nice planetary nebula. Not the brightest target at 12th magnitude measuring in at 3.4 arc minutes across but is really nice in a large scope under dark skies or with a light pollution filter.

  • Film: Hypered Kodak tech Pan, Kodak Ektachrome 200 chilled in a dry-ice cold camera.
  • Scope: 8" f6 Newtonian for both.
  • Exposure: 55 Minutes tech-pan, 40 minutes Ektachrome
  • Location: Willow Creek for tech-pan, Carseland for Ektachrome
  • Date: May 7 1994 for tech-pan, 23 March 1990 for Ektachrome
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