NGC185 - Globular identification
NGC185 - E3 elliptical in Cassiopeia, identification of globulars
  • Description: NGC185 - E3 elliptical in Cassiopeia, companion to the Andromeda Galaxy. This image identifies some of the known globular clusters in and around NGC185. They were originally identified by H.C. Ford, G. Jacoby and D.C. Jenner in the Astrophysical Journal 213, 18-36 1977. This interesting paper is based on this work. Since then, FJJ VI has been identified as a background elliptical galaxy by the Hubble Space Telescope leaving only seven globulars at this time. Thanks to Bernhard Hubl of Nussbach, Austria for bringing these objects to my attention!
  • Camera: SBIG ST-8XE at -15C
  • Filter: SBIG standard clear.
  • Scope: 8" f6 Newtonian
  • Mount: Modified Meade DS-16 mount
  • Exposure: 5 x 20 minutes
  • Location: near Cayley, Alberta.
  • Date: September 2, 2006
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