Galaxy NGC6822 - in Sagittarius
Galaxy NGC6822 in Sagittarius
  • Description: Irregular galaxy NGC6822 in Sagittarius, also known as Barnard's Galaxy. It shines at mag 9.3 which sounds bright, but the light is spread over an area of 16 x 14 arc minutes. This, plus the fact that it is fairly low to the south makes this a bit of a challenge to pick up in the eyepiece from anywhere but a good, dark site. It is also located in a fairly star-rich area.
    Click here for a closeup view of the galaxy.

  • Location: R.A. = 19h 44m 56.5s, -14 deg 48m 11s.
  • Camera: SBIG ST-10XME at -15C
  • Filters: AstroDon RGB set.
  • Scope: Takahashi FSQ refractor
  • Exposure: 5x5min luminance, 5x5min red, 5x5min green, 5x5min blue all binned 1x1.
  • Location: Mt. Kobau, B.C.
  • Date: Aug 12th, 2010
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