CCD Photography with my Apogee U16M camera and Planewave 12.5" CDK
M101 HaLRGB Planewavengc4395 in HaLRGBngc6503 LRGB
M101 in HaLRGBNGC4395 in HaLRGBNGC6503 in LRGB
Cone and Foxfur Nebulae in HaRGBngc2903 RGBngc4244 LRGBngc4565M3 RGB
Cone and Foxfur Nebula
NGC2903 in Leo - RGBNGC4244 LRGBngc4565 in LRGBM3 in RGB
Sh2-173 in HaRGBLDN 1082 LRGBvdB15vdB 31 LRGBB13 LRGB
Sh2-173 in HaRGBLDN 1082 in LRGBvdB 15 in LRGBvdB 31 in LRGBBarnard 13 in LRGB
The Cave in HaRGBngc896_HOO+RGBLBN 721 LRGBngc1342 LRGBIC410 HaRGB
The Cave aka Sh2-155 aka Caldwell 9 in HaRGBRemix of ngc896 in HOO+RGBLBN 721 in Perseus - LRGBNGC1342 in LRGBIC410 Reprocess from 2019
Sh2-151 HaRGBFleming's Triangular Wisp HOO+RGBngc7789Cocoon in LRGBPacman ngc281 HOO+RGB
Sh2-151 HII cloud in Cassiopeia HaRGBFleming's Triangular Wisp in HOO+RGBNGC7789 aka Caroline's Rose ClusterCocoon Nebula in LRGBngc281 aka The Pacman in HOO+RGB
The Whale & Hockey Stick GalaxiesM101 LRGBIC1284 aka Sh2-37 in HaRGBSh2-140 HaRGBSh2-150 HaRGB
Whale & Hockey Stick Galaxies in Canes VentaiciM101 - The Northern Pinwheel  LRGB+Ha+OIIIIC1284 aka Sh2-37 in HaRGBSh2-140 in Cepheus HaRGBSh2-150 in Cepheus HaRGB
M64 in LRGBM13 RGBM92 RGBngc4535 and 4526 LRGBngc2841 LRGB
M64 in LRGBM13 RGB M92 in RGBNGC4535 and 4526 Galaxies in VirgoNGC2841 in Ursa Major LRGB
Fishhead Nebula in HOO+RGBSh2-173 in HaRGBSh2 204 HaRGBSh2-135 in HaRGBngc1491 / Sh2-206
Fishhead Nebula aka ngc896 aka ic1795Sharpless 173 HaRGBSh2-204 in Camelopardalis HaRGBSh2-135 in HaRGBngc1491 / Sh2-206 in HOO+RGB
ngc6946 LRGBLDN 1082 aks The SeahorseLDN 1235 in LRGBngc6914 in HaRGBPelican in HaRGB
NGC6946 LRGBLDN 1082 aka The Seahorse NebulaLDN 1235 aka The Shark Nebula in CepheusNGC6914 in CygnusThe Pelican Nebula in HaRGB
ngc5907 LRGBM16 in HOO+RGBFleming's Triangular Wisp in HOO+RGBButterfly Nebula in HaRGBngc7129 ic5134 in LRGB
NGC5907 in LRGBM16 in Narrowband and RGB lightFleming's Triangular Wisp in HOO+RGBClose-up of The Butterfly Nebulangc7129 / IC5134 and ngc7142
Sh2 112 RGB+NB
M33 H-Alpha+LRGBM81 in HaLRGB
Sh2 232 in HaRGB
Sh2 112 RGB+Ha+OIIIM33 H-Alpha+LRGBM81 in HaLRGBM101 in LHaRGB
Sh2 232 in HaRGB
IC1805 aka The Heart NebulaM15 RGBHunter's MoonTrifid Nebula in RGBngc2403 in HaLRGB
The Heart of The Heart Nebula aka IC1805M15 in PegasusHunter's Moon 19Oct2021The Trifid Nebula in RGBngc2403 in HaLRGB
IC5134 and ngc7129 LRGBSh2 79Sh2 177 HaRGBSh2 177 in HaRGBM27 HaOIII+RGB
IC5134 and ngc7129Sh2 79 RGB Sh2 177 in HaRGBSh2 177 in HaRGB v2M27 in Ha+OIII+RGB Vers 2
Pacman HaRGBIC2574Tulip Nebula in HaRGBSh2 170 HaRGBM27 in HaOIII+RGB
Pacman Nebula in HaRGBIC2574 in Ursa MajorSh2-101 aka The Tulip NebulaSh2 170 in HaRGBM27 in Ha+OIII+RGB
The Wizard in HaLRGBPelican Nebula in HaRGBThe Lagoon Nebula in RGBThe Bubble Nebula in HaRGBButterfly in H-Alpha
The Wizard Nebula aka NGC7380 - HaLRGBPelican Nebula in HaRGBThe Lagoon Nebula in RGBThe Bubble Nebula HaRGB
Butterfly Nebula in H-Alpha
M100M39 RGBIC342 LRGBngc891 in LRGBSh2-72 HaRGB
M100 in LRGBM39 in Cygnus (RGB)IC342 in Camelopardalis (LRGB)
NGC891 in LRGBSh2-72 in HaRGB
M13 RGBIC410 HaRGBIC410M2 RGB 12.5" PlanewaveLeo Triplet
M13 RGBIC410 in Ha+RGBIC410 in pure RGBM2 in RGBThe Leo Triplet in LRGB
M27 in HaLRGBngc281 The Pacmanngc7331 LRGBRosette Nebula Ha LRGBSh2-206 / ngc1491 RGB+OIII
M27 in HaLRGBThe Pacman NebulaNGC7331 in LRGBPart of The Rosette Nebulangc1491 / Sh2-206 Reprised
The photos below date from July 2013 to March 2018. Above, from Sept 2018 onward.

The Monkey's Head in HaRGBM78 LRGBM82 HaRGBM51 LRGB

The Monkey's HeadM78 in LRGBM82 HaRGBM51 aka The Whirlpool
Crescent Nebula LRGBHaOIII
ngc7640 LRGB
IC59 and IC63 aka Gamma Cass Nebula
Iris Nebula
NGC6946 in LRGB
NGC6888 - The Crescent Nebula in LRGB-HaOIII
NGC7640 - Spiral Galaxy
in Andromeda
Gamma Cassiopeia Nebula aka IC59 and IC63
Iris Nebula aka NGC7023
Sh2-206 / ngc1491 Sh2-206 / ngc1491 M106 LRGB Eastern Veil IC405
Sh2-206 / ngc1491 RGB
in PixInsight
Sh2-206 / ngc1491 RGB
in Photoshop
M106 in LRGB
Eastern Veil in Ha-OIII IC405 in Auriga  aka
The Flaming Star Nebula
M56 RGB M14 LRGB M71 Globular Cluster M1 Ha OIII RGB
M56 - Globular Cluster M14 - Globular Cluster M71 - Globular Cluster The Crab Nebula
M33 in LRGB
M11 M53 LRGB M92 LRGB M10 M16 LRGB
M11 in Scutum (RGB) Globular Cluster M53 in RGB M92 in Hercules (LRGB) M10 LRGB M16 - The Eagle Nebula (LRGB)
Sh2-224 in H-Alpha ngc4565 NGC7331 Sh2-115
Sh2-224 in H-Alpha
NGC4565 in LRGB
NGC7331 and The Deerlick Group - galaxies in Pegasus Sh2-115 in Cygnus. RGB with a little H-alpha

The Ring Nebula in RGB and Narrowband M17 The Swan Nebula Lagoon Nebula The Tulip Nebula aka Sh2-101 Sh2-161 and NGC7538
M57 - The Ring Nebula
Narrowband w RGB
M17 - The Swan Nebula The Lagoon Nebula in H-Alpha + RGB The Tulip Nebula in Cygnus
Narrowband Ha-OIII
Sh2-161 / NGC7538
M94 LRGB Planewave U16M M101 LRGB Markarian's Chain M51 LRGB
M94 - Galaxy in Canes Venatici M101 - The Northern Pinwheel Central part of Markarian's Chain including M84 and M86 (Luminance Only) M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy
Cocoon M81 M57 HaOIII_LRGB Rosette HaRGB
Cocoon Nebula in HaRGB M81 LRGB M57 - The Ring Nebula
Narrowband w LRGB
Rosette Nebula in HaRGB
M12 RGB M80 M100 LRGB
Globular Cluster M12 in RGB Globular Cluster M80 in RGB M100 - Spiral Galaxy
M5 - Globular Cluster in Serpens
M67 in RGB Sh2-155 aka The Cave Nebula M3 - Globular Cluster M3 LRGB close-up
M67 in RGB
The Cave Nebula in Colour M3 in LRGB M3 in LRGB Close-up
IC405 Flaming Star Nebula Sh2-155 aka The Cave M64 Luminance IC2177 aka The Seagull
IC405 in H-Alpha The Cave Nebula aka Sh2-155 M63 The Black Eye Galaxy (Luminance only) The Seagull Nebula
M13 M15 NGC6888
Pelican Nebula in H-Alpha
M13 - Globular Cluster in Hercules M15 - Globular Cluster in Pegasus
The Pelican Nebula in H-Alpha
Pacman Nebula aka NGC281 Planewave 1st Light M52 and The Bubble Nebula M26 HaRGB Moon Waxing past 3rd Qtr
Pacman Nebula NGC281
Planewave 1st Light
M52 and The Bubble Nebula M27 :
The Dumbell Nebula
Moon - August 2013
Sh2-86 in Ha-OIII Narrowband Trifid Nebula aka M20 Sh2-233 Sh2-86
Sh2-86 in H-Alpha / OIII M20 The Trifid Nebula Sharpless 233 in H-Alpha Sh2-86 in H-alpha